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Liliath & Kalum, Genesis

‘“In the beginning was Kalum, in his footsteps walked Liliath”



I channeled the oracle name long before I started it. It may sound strange, but I still don't have an explanation for it. One day, these first names came into my head and I had no idea why, or what to think of them.

So I naturally did research that I share with you before approaching the design of the oracle.


Kalum is the other form of the Celtic name Calum which translates as dove. This first name is the derivative of Malcom which can be translated as “luminous pledge”. He brings peace and light to those who cross his path.


Liliath is a very rare first name, almost non-existent since it has only been assigned once in the world since 1947 in Australia. I haven't really found an explanation for this name. It remains mysterious to me.


The closest first name is Lilia which translates as lilies, and which means “what belongs to me belongs to God”.

What struck me during my research is that Lilia's feast is celebrated on the same day as Saint Nathalie, in reference to the martyr Nathalie of Cordoba. My first name… Weird, isn't it?


We can also see Lilith in this first name. She was Adam's first wife before Eve according to certain legends.

The one who advocated the equality of the two sexes by wanting to guide her husband during their sexual intercourse, an exiled rebel who became a demon and married Samaël (Satan) the fallen angel.

Lilith is associated with Kali, and Samael with Shiva, and she is closely related to sex, sexual magic and Kundalini.


As I write this, I realize how everything is guided.


Here is the story of the conception of this oracle and what it means to me.


I started working on this oracle in June 2020, after the first lockdown due to Covid-19, and following my first Kundalini rise.

Kundalini was not easy at first.


At first it caused great suffering in me. A real earthquake. But it is often said that there is no expansion without suffering.

I had a kind of epiphany after this very powerful energetic shift.


It took me a year to hand draw all of these beautiful illustrations on black paper.

I painted them with metallic watercolors, that's why they are so attractive, mysterious and powerful.


I put a piece of myself into this oracle, as well as a lot of love and energy. I gave all of my heart, body and soul to this project, without limit and without condition.

Liliath & Kalum is first and foremost the story of a unique, mystical and alchemical bond between two beings.


This inexplicable and magical bond that unites two individuals and that goes beyond the limits of time and space. A multidimensional bond.


The alchemy of love with a big A. The one that evokes the desire and the need to create something so precious together, as precious as gold.


Ancient symbols appeared to me, most often in dreams, transmitted by an alchemist who was passionate about an endless quest. He was the spark of this project.


Then, I was guided through several dreams and meditations by the divine energy of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. They were my guides throughout the design of the oracle.

The naked woman who wears a skull and the man who arouses the crowds, the healer. It took me a while to understand... I'm not talking about the religious icons they represent, but the flesh and blood beings they were. A man and a woman like you, like me.


I thank all three of them so much for what they transmitted to me and what they allowed me to integrate during this period of creation.


It was the beginning of the adventure and the 80 illustrations of this oracle.


Liliath & Kalum is the story of the cycles of life, love, creation, sexuality and death.

These are the experiences that everyone goes through at some point in their existence on earth.

Joy, disappointment. Children, creativity. Family, friends, enemies. Work, pleasures, excesses. Health, disease. Abundance, loss. Love, hate.


Step by step, the common thread of this oracle appeared clearly in my head.

I began to understand the messages sent to me.

I compared them to my personal experiences and my spiritual journey.


The Oracle was born.


It is the oracle of my metamorphosis.

I am no longer a caterpillar, I am a butterfly.

I spread my wings to explore the world, just like to The Fool in the tarot.


It shines in my eyes like the sparkling drops of early morning dew.


It vibrates under my fingers like a satisfied lover after a night of sensual and magnetic lovemaking.


It invades my woman's body with a flood of soft and warm energies.


It is the guardian of my female witch power.

It has the bewitching fragrance of the scent of evil flowers.


It reflects the depths of my soul like a mirror, traveling in its darkest abyss.

It heart beats in unison with mine like a shamanic drum in a healing ritual.


It whispers to me the sacred song of the ancestors.


It tells me the memories of the world.


It is the vessel that transports me to other dimensions.


It is the celestial bridge that connects me to the energy of my soulmate.


It is the magic of every dawn and every dusk.


It is the source. It is the everything.


It is the beginning, it is the end.


It is the shadow, it is the light.


Welcome to the Alchemical Oracle of the Sacred Union.


Thank you for welcoming Liliath & Kalum.

Nat - Angel Thaena

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